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Converting email files from one platform to another is essential if you want to leverage your information and knowledge base contained within your email archives. Because one email client has a specific format for files which is not automatically readable by another, does not mean you have to engage in expensive conversion processes or walk away from the accumulated mass of useful information you will already have amassed in your email archives.

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Converting Windows Live Mail to Outlook Format

Windows Live is a free client which is provided by Microsoft to users of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP – for many users, Windows Live is simply a stepping stone to Outlook or Outlook Express but the issue is what to do with Windows Live archive.

The answer is simple – convert the EML files from Windows Live to the PST format used by Outlook.

In this tutorial we are going to show you, step-by-step, how to locate the Windows Live email archive and how to import that archive into Outlook and replicate the folder and file structure within Outlook so you will intuitively know where all of your old files are without having to hunt for them.

Using Windows Mail to Outlook Converter you will be able to export EML format files used by Windows Live, Outlook Express and Windows Mail to: Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010.

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Importing Windows Live Mail into Outlook

In Windows Live, emails are stored within the Application Data folder and this is what you will use as the source data for importing to Outlook. TIP: before you attempt to import files from Windows Live you should ensure you have created a backup of the data to begin with.

The Windows Mail default folder for email storage is found at:
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\
Alternative way to find where Windows Live Mail stores messages:
use menu – Tools | Options | Advanced | Maintenance | Store Folder to see where emails are stored.

Step 1: Locate Email Folder Where Windows Live Stores Email Archive

• Hit Windows Key+E – this runs Windows File Explorer and you should then input the default folder link above (cut and paste) – hit enter. The storage directory will be opened and the exact folder patch will be displayed. Simply select and copy the folder path so it can be specified as the source location of the archive for Windows Mail to Outlook Converter to export the emails.
• Windows Live Mail settings can be used to identify where email archive is stored. When you have the “Maintenance” dialog box displayed, hit the “Store Folder” button and follow this process:

  1. Run Windows Live Mail and hit the Alt+M combination;
  2. Select “Options” and get the Options display up;
  3. Select “Advanced”;
  4. Hit “Maintenance” which is found in the lower half of the dialog box under the general heading, “Maintenance and Troubleshooting”;
  5. Hit “Store Folder” within the Maintenance dialog section; and
  6. Hit “Change” button within the Store Folder dialog box to take you to the exact folder where the email archive is stored.

If you are an expert user, you can also use the following REGISTRY entry as a shortcut:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Store Root

• If you are not familiar with the Windows Operating System, you can simply select C:\Documents and Settings\ as the source folder for Windows Mail to Outlook Converter and it will find the patch to the Windows Live email archive for you.

Step Two: Perform Import from Windows Live into Outlook

Now you have located the email archive within Windows Live, you need to perform the import into Outlook using Windows Mail to Outlook Converter.

Follow these steps to perform the import and file conversion:

  1. Download Windows Mail to Outlook Converter and run the program;
  2. Select a destination folder into which you will import the email archive. TIP: you can either select the import option for email import into the default Outlook user profile or opt for import into an existing PST file, or opt to generate a new PST file for the import.
  3. Hit the “Next” button and select the Windows Live Mail source folder identified in Step One above;
  4. Hit “Options” if you need to configure filters or other attributes;
  5. Hit “Next” TIP: Windows Mail to Outlook Converter will automatically locate all email files and sub-folders within the source folder as well as locating all pathways and associated files. You have the option to import all files or to disable those you do not wish to import.
  6. Hit “Next” – the file conversion and import will commence; and
  7. Finally, Windows Mail to Outlook Converter will provide you with full processing and error log reporting.
  8. Once the import has finished, you are now able to manage your Windows Live Mail archive within Outlook in exactly the same way you currently do with your Outlook client. You can move files around and reorganize your folder structure as you wish using the drag and drop feature.

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