Outlook పరివర్తకం విండోస్ మెయిల్ సులభంగా జనాదరణ సందేశాన్ని ఫార్మాట్లలో సేవ్ ఇమెయిల్ ఫైళ్ళ మార్పిడి పోరాడతాను (ఇటువంటి. EML వంటి, .MSG, .EMLX మరియు డాట్ (TNEF)) Outlook PST లోకి, MSG మరియు ఇతర ఫార్మాట్లలో.

Windows Live Mail to Outlook

Outlook కు విండోస్ మెయిల్ Converter is a perfect email mover. If you decide to do away with your old email client such as Windows Live Mail and finally switch to Microsoft Outlook, this is the Outlook కు విండోస్ మెయిల్ Converter tool to use. Just unload your emails from the old program in the EML or MSG format and Outlook కు విండోస్ మెయిల్ Converter will do the rest faster and easier than you can imagine. Supporting Unicode and keeping the original folder structure, this tool requires a bare minimum of your involvement and can process ultra-large arrays of email messages with and without attachments at lightning-fast speeds.

Windows Mail Outlook Import

Windows Mail Outlook Import tool is capable to do the importing job as fast as possible. Different Outlook Importing modules allows to choose between several variations:

  • Import EML to outlookthe Windows Mail Outlook Import tool will import the list of email files into Default Outlook profile.
  • Import EML to PST fileWindows Mail to Outlook Import utility migrate email files into selected PST file one by one in accordance with folders structure.
  • Append Existing PST by EML filesWindows Live Mail to Outlook Import software will append selected PST file with email files.
  • Batch Import ModeWindows Live Mail to Outlook application imports email files from multiple source folders into different or same PST files.

Outlook కు విండోస్ మెయిల్ tool can easily import mail from windows mail to outlook preserving the folders structure intact.